Top 7 CRAZIEST Birthday Gifts for Footballers Stars in the World

Top 7 CRAZIEST Birthday Gifts for Footballers Stars in the World

Football is the most popular game in the World for many reasons. The most obvious one is because the game is by far the easiest and cheapest. The game delivers all manner of entertainment. This is the perfect reason why FIFA World Cup is still the biggest sporting event in the World. Today, we focus on footballers and their controversial elements in the game. We look at what other behavior or character they are known for and choose a perfect birthday gift for them.

Take a look at 7 football stars and crazy birthday gifts that suit them;  Joey Barton: Gift- Parrot Toy

7. Joey Barton: Gift- Parrot Toy

You definitely know him even though maybe not for the right reasons. The fact is he is more popular than many better footballers. He throws his opinion on literally everything happening in the World of football. He does not care what he says on social media especially twitter. He has been banned and fined several times by the FA but that does not seem to bother him. He just continues to speak.

A perfect gift for him then will be a ‘Parrot toy’. A parrot is a type of bird that is known for making noise all the time. He will tweet about it, that’s for sure.

6. Luis Suarez: Gift- Cricket Helmet

When you type the name Luis Suarez in the search engines the very first option that emerges is ‘Luis Suarez biting’. We have nothing against the World Class Barcelona striker but we can’t just forget. The Uruguay international has been banned twice for biting. The forward was accused of biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini and Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic.

If one day you get a chance to attend his birthday party what kind of gift will you buy him? A good idea will be cricket-like-helmet. He might laugh over it but please leave immediately after presenting your gift because FIFA may not help you after that.

5. Didier Drogba: Gift- T-Shirt printed ‘Play Till I Die’

Everybody thought after a successful second spell at Chelsea he will hang his boots but we were wrong. The former Ivory Coast Captain still thinks he a few years left in him. He joined MLS side Montreal Impact and played for two years. The striker now plays for American club Phoenix Rising FC in US second division. He has also played in Turkey, France, China still strong.

A perfect birthday gift for Drogba will definitely be a T-shirt printed ‘Play Till I Die’. He is not going to retire anytime soon that’s for sure.

4. Mario Balotelli: Gift- T-Shirt printed ‘Why always me’

The Italian International forward Mario Balotelli is quite difficult to please. One thing that will surely evoke some emotions will be a T-shirt bearing the words ‘Why Always Me’. The words became famous in 2011 Manchester derby at Old Trafford.

‘I did it for many reasons,’ said Balotelli.

‘But I’ll leave it for other people to figure out what it means. I’m sure people can work it out.

‘Chappy, our kit man did it for me, I told him the words and he printed them. He is a good guy Chappy, one of the best.’ He said. A birthday surprise for Mario might just earn you a bigger surprise.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Gift- T-Shirt printed ‘World Cup without me is a joke’

When big men speak, you are sure Sweden International Zlatan Ibrahimovic name will pop up. Liked and hated in equal measure the former Manchester United star is always in the news. After losing against Portugal in 2014 World Cup final playoff, the big Swede said “One thing is for sure, a World Cup without me is nothing to watch so it is not worthwhile to wait for the World Cup”.

A perfect birthday gift for Zlatan would be a nice yellow t-shirt with words printed ‘World Cup without me is a joke’. He will like it without a doubt.

2. Lionel Messi: Gift- T-Shirt printed……’I pay tax when I want’

Lionel Messi was taken to court for allegedly defrauding the authorities taxes amounting to €4m (£3.1m; $5m).It came as a shock to many when the news about Argentina forward who has won four Ballon d’Or awards broke out. He still insists he is innocent but the case is still ongoing.

A perfect birthday gift for Messi which am sure he will not be pleased to see will be a t-shirt printed the words ‘I pay taxi when I want’.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: Gift- A DVD with the clip ‘Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’

Real Madrid star made some strange noise when he was announced the winner of 2015 Ballon d’Or award. People still can’t figure out what the sound meant. Thinking of a perfect birthday gift for the former Manchester United star a DVD with the clip will be a good choice. Hope one day he will explain what he meant.

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