Top 4 NBA Stars And Their Soccer Player Comparisons (Counterparts)

Top 4 NBA Stars And Their Soccer Player Comparisons (Counterparts)

There are many things that separate European football from the NBA. Including promotion, and relegation, salary caps, transfer fees, and even continents. Basketball and football are the two sports that attract the most media attention worldwide each year. Both are great sports. Some players have matching skills, or ways of playing. Here is a list of NBA-Soccer player comparisons.

4. Creative Mind: Marcelo = James Harden

Harden and Marcelo are the “Creators”. One can easily think that Harden doesn’t use much energy on court. The thing is that he uses much of thinking than running here or there. He would show the defenders that he really has no intentions of shooting, and suddenly step back to make a three-pointer.

Marcelo is another version of Harden. He doesn’t score much, but he is one of the real Madrid play-makers. His skills and ball-handles are hidden in a way that you will hardly notice it. Cristiano is the goal machine, but Marcelo is like the brain of a goal machine.

3. Speedy Dribblings: Neymar Jr. = Kyrie Irving

These are two magicians. Football fans got him as “Neymagic” and basketball fans got “Unkletaker” “Unkle Breaker”. Neymar and Irving are those kind of player who humiliate defenders, make an amazing crazy dribble, leaving them helpless on the ground.

Irving, one of the best ball-handlers in the NBA, told Bleacher Report: “I have counters to every move that I do.” Neymar is currently the most dangerous winger in Europe if we look at the number of dribbles he completes every game. They both don’t give you time to think.

2. Hard working: Cristiano Ronaldo = LeBron James

Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James are two of the biggest stars on the planet. Both freak athletes defy physics with their size, strength and domination of the sports that they play. They are the hardest working athletes. Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James are both more products of hard work. They are two indisputable Kings. Their hard working spirits made them win titles and trophies in different teams.

James won NBA Championships and MVP awards in both Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers He is physically stronger than just about everybody else in the league. While Cristiano won Champions League and Ballon d’Or in both Man. United and Real Madrid. He is always committed to win more trophies, boosting him to work hard every day.

1. Pure Talent: Lionel Messi = Stephen Curry

These two are more naturally gifted. Messi and Curry are pure talents. They both have great ball control and balance, relying a lot on skill rather than strength. Messi dribbles past an entire team and embarrasses the goal keeper while Curry shows off his handle and shoots from 40 feet casually. He was asked if he was NBA’s Messi or if Messi was football’s version of himself.

Curry replied: “We both have a creative style, where it’s just about a feel when you’re out on the pitch or the court. I try to do some fancy things out there with both hands, making crossover moves and kind of have a certain creativity and flair to my game . And that’s definitely the style that Messi has when he’s out there in his matches. I love watching him play. I’m a big fan. You never know what he’s going to do at any particular moment.”

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