EIGHT Best Manchester United Players In Last 17 Years

EIGHT Best Manchester United Players In Last 17 Years

Manchester United got lucky with some of their signings as they went on to have successful careers at Old Trafford and helped add to the club’s ever expanding trophy cabinet. Some of them went on to break numerous records while simultaneously solidifying their positions as club legends.

Here are the 8 best Manchester United players since the last 17 years;


He faced some criticism at first due to a couple of mistakes but eventually became more comfortable in his role. Following Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, de Gea ended up being the standout player for Manchester United, during a transition period that has seen the club struggle to qualify for the Champions League. This has led to him being named as United’s player of the year for three consecutive seasons.


Evra is considered as one of the best players in his position due to his ability to get into attacking positions and deliver crosses to his teammates.This is largely due to the fact that he played as a winger earlier on in his career.

His arrival was a huge boost to United’s defence and he ended up winning 15 trophies with Manchester United, including 5 Premier League and one Champions League titles. He left for Juventus in 2014, having spent eight and a half years at Old Trafford.


Van der Sar Considered as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time.

He became the first goalkeeper to keep 50 clean sheets in the UEFA Champions League and also set the clean sheet record in the 2008-09 season by not conceding a single goal for 1311 minutes. Van der Sar won 11 trophies with United, including four Premier League and one Champions League titles, which makes him the second most decorated goalkeeper of all time.


Nemanja Vidic joined Manchester United in 2006,  He went on to develop a good defensive partnership with Rio Ferdinand; which enabled him to establish himself as a first team player. Vidic became known for his consistency and great aerial ability which saw him awarded the Premier League Player of the Season award twice. In the 2008-09 season; he helped United break the record when they kept a clean sheet for 14 consecutive matches in the Premier League.

He left in 2014 having won 15 trophies with Manchester United; including five Premier League titles and one Champions League titles.


Ferdinand proved to be worth every penny for he had the ability to read the game well which in turn enabled him to be able to distribute the ball accordingly. He also had great pace earlier on in his career and always seemed comfortable when the ball was in his possession.

Ferdinand also did well when he was left in charge of the team as he occasionally got to captain United; a role which saw him lead the club to victory in the 2008 Champions League final.


Nistelrooy quickly adapted to his new team and by the end of his first season, he had scored 23 goals in 32 Premier League matches.

Unfortunately, his arrival at Old Trafford came during the era of Arsenal’s Invincibles; while Jose Mourinho’s arrival led to Chelsea also becoming a title contender. Thus he only won four titles during his five seasons at United including one Premier League and one FA Cup titles.

Van Nistelrooy still has one of the highest rates of goals per game for United, having scored 150 times in 219 games.


Rooney is regarded as one of the best English players of his generation.  A prolific goalscorer, Rooney is the second top scorer of all time in the Premier League with 195 goals. He also recently scored his 250th goal for Manchester United to become the club’s top goalscorer of all time.

The Englishman has so far won 14 trophies with United; including five Premier League, one FA Cup and one Champions League titles.


Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United; becoming their first ever Portuguese player at the time.

Arguably the best player in the world, His good performance led to him winning the 2008 Ballon d’Or; following a successful season in which he scored 42 goals in all competitions for United. He won nine trophies while he was with United, including three Premier League and one Champions League titles.




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