Seven NBA Superstars Who Deserve Being Honored With Statues

Seven NBA Superstars Who Deserve Being Honored With Statues

Legends deserve appreciations. Most of the time, to be called a legend, one must have to retire. There are the guys who retired, who could retire tomorrow, or later. These guys did a great jobs for their teams. They gave them championships, and turned their town into famous figures. Here are the seven NBA Superstars Who Should Have Statues.

7. Reggie Miller – Indiana Pacers

Miller is still very deserving of having a statue. He played his entire brilliant career with the Pacers and holds franchise records in scoring, assists and 3-point shooting.

Miller was one of the first guys in the league to truly embrace the 3-point shot and make it a major part of his offensive arsenal. His impact will be felt on the NBA forever, and as of now, he’s the greatest Pacer ever.

6. Dwyane Wade – Miami Heat

Even though he moved to the Bulls, Wade is a Miami Head deep inside. Wade has three championships in South Beach and might be one of the best player in the franchise’s history. LeBron James may have been the best player in Miami, but Wade has been the one rock in the franchise’s history. He is their all-time leader in points, assists and steals.

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