Top 8 Most Stylish NBA Players TODAY

Top 8 Most Stylish NBA Players TODAY

NBA players have evolved into some of the fashion world’s biggest style icons. When they go for All-Star night, or other events, everyone wants to look unique. For some, their looks off the court have garnered even more attention than their actual game play. Here is a list of the top 9 most stylish NBA Super Stars.

9. Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors

The existing greatest Three-Point shooter shows of his laid-back yet clean cut style. He has appeared in ads for Express and showed off his B-ball skills in GQ.

8. James Harden – Houston Rockets

Much like his recognizable beard, Harden’s style is also one of his signature. He is a “Fashion icon”Sometimes you will find him in sleek suits at events, a mix of florals and camouflage befor games, and so on. The former boyfriend of Khloe Kardashian is so bold with his fashion choices, but the shoes are always on point.

7. LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers

When you’ve got cameras on you for 90% of your daily life, it’s not surprising you feel the need to show off sometime. James is stylish, especially with accessories like his wool fedoras and limited edition watches. He even produced the first NBA fashion show.


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