Top 8 Fastest Players In The NBA 2016-17 Season

Top 8 Fastest Players In The NBA 2016-17 Season

Being fast is almost absolutely necessary for small NBA players since it’s the only way how they can compensate their small body size. Therefore most of the fastest NBA players are point guards or shooting guards. In Basketball, Getting from Point A to Point B as fast as possible is crucial on offense and defense. Here are the Top 8 Fastest NBA Players In The 2016-17 Season.

8. Dennis Schroder – Atlanta Hawks

The German guard is steadily improving his jumper, but it’s his forays into the paint, and anticipatory lunges for steals that show off his quickness and tempo. The Hawks better hope his speed can be sustained as a starter, now.

7. Kyrie Irving – Cleveland Cavaliers

Irving is one of the most dangerous ball handlers in the NBA today. He can accelerate 12 MPH in just two strides. And from a standstill at the 3-point line, he can get to the rim in just 1.5 second. That is 15% faster than a typical NBA point guard. His fast dribbles confuses the defender’s brain and live them a little time to react fast.


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