Top 8 NBA Players Who Got Crazy Tattoos On Their Body

Top 8 NBA Players Who Got Crazy Tattoos On Their Body

Players are known for their athleticism, fame, and style. When it comes to tattoos, there are some who get to another extent. Tattoos in the NBA have become a huge trend. Today, it is rare to see an NBA player without a tattoo. NBA players get crazy tattoos to stand out and make themselves unique. Check out the top 8 NBA players who got crazy tattoos on their body.

8. Ben Mclemore

Each one of Ben Mclemore’s tattoos has a story behind it. On his chest, he has the names of his dead grandparents. The Arabic symbols he has tatted behind his ear say “humble” and “hungry” and represent his best friends Haz and Ahmad. The family name “Mclemore” on his back represents how much Ben loves his family. Ben was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in 2013.

7. Mo William

The Cleveland Cavaliers point guard has one and a half full sleeves of tattoos. From his right elbow down to his wrist, Williams only has one stand alone tattoo that says “Blessed.” His right arm is tatted from his elbow up and highlights the eye-catching image of a dog’s face on his shoulder. His left arm is tatted all the way up and features a stand out tattoo of the Planters Mr. Peanut among other swirly designs.

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