Seven Most Humble And Talented Players In The Football History

Seven Most Humble And Talented Players In The Football History

With all the Egos that are in the beautiful game, it’s worth mention and respects a player who is not self-consumed. Down is the list of Seven Most Humble And Talented Players In The Football History.

7. Steven Gerrard

Steven George Gerrard is a retired central midfielder and now n a coach at Liverpool Academy. He spent the majority of his career playing for Premier League club Liverpool, mostly as their Captain.

Gerrard was not only a  standout footballer but also a humble and respectful man.

At age of 15, Gerrard wrote a letter of self-appraisal, with some of the words; “In five years’ time, I see myself hopefully playing first team football, settled with a girlfriend and talking about houses and family.”

Twenty-one years later, he picked much of his wish list. He won Champions League title, two FA Cups, one UEFA Cup, three League Cups, PFA Player of the Year 2006, FWA Footballer of the Year 2009. He was on the PFA team of the year more than 7 times.

“I think he’ll be a great manager – none of us knows for sure – but I like the way he is speaking, I think it is humble, he is doing the right thing.” Said the former teammate, Lampard.

6. Thiago Silva

The Brazilian international is undoubtedly one of the World class defenders in modern football. Very unusual of a central defender, Silva retains his position with his skills and maintains a good behaviour.

The humble PSG and Brazil national team captain; unlike many of his Brazilian colleagues, prefers his job in defence and leaves the attacking duties to the rest. Besides his anticipation, speed, good heading skills, and tackling abilities, Silva plays with both passion and determination.

Thiago Silva keeps also humble opinions of himself, which combined with his abilities, makes him so remarkable.

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