Five Player Rivalries In Football History

Five Player Rivalries In Football History

Football is made up of unforgettable moments. There are emotional, heartbreaking, amazing and rejoicing moments in this sport. Football is always a competition. Being called the best player among others does not come for granted. You have to face rivals from other teams to be the best of the best. A perfect current example is Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Their fans hate each other when it comes to choosing who could be the best between the two.

Apart from Messi and Ronaldo, there has been the countless example of rivalries in the football. Here are the top 5 player rivalries in the football history

5. Ronaldinho vs Zinedine Zidane

Both of them are the play-maker legends for LaLiga’s two giants. Ronaldinho, played for Barcelona while Zidane was in Real Madrid. Their rivalry is somewhat nonexistent compared the Messi and Cristiano’s. But they are called rivals because they both had a unique style of football in their time. Ronaldinho aroused during the last years of Zidane’s retirement. He showed off during the time Zidane was the greatest player. The competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona always creates the rivalry. when it comes to most skilled between the two, it would be hard to say who beats who.


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